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Our Firm provides a full and comprehensive service in the fields of Commercial and corporate Law, Specializing in intellectual property.

The firm was founded by Avi Montekio, who has seniority and legal experience in the field of intellectual property and civil law since 1999, and is intended to provide legal advice and legal support in the field of commercial law, while focusing on intellectual property law, including copyright, trademarks, designs, commercial torts, reputation and trade secrets.

With years of IP law experience, we offers a wide range of legal services, both in registration and protection of intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, designs and copyrights, as well as litigation and enforcement of rights in legal proceedings in court.
As a law firm specializing in intellectual property, our firm provides legal services, and counseling to a wide range of clients, including Creators,   Artists, Inventors, and Producers, as well as private companies and businesses in the fields of internet and computers, the fashion industry, the field of publishing and communications.

As a boutique firm which specializes in the most complex issues ofCommercial and intellectual property law, our clients receive a professional treatment and the most devoted client service, personal attention and complete discretion. 

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